Do you really move up a rank when you’re a Parent?

When you become a parent do you move up or back down? Ok so when you become a parent you traditionally expect that you are now the parent, your parents are now grandparents and your grandparents are now great grandparents, right. So everyone moves up one. However this morning I sat down with my coffee and my toast. Put the TV on and realised something. … Continue reading Do you really move up a rank when you’re a Parent?

Diabetes Awareness Week – Final Thoughts

So it is nearing the end of Diabetes Awareness week, and I just wanted to share a quick post just to thank everyone this week who have been involved personally and generally with spreading awareness. It has been nice to see so much support within the Diabetic community we have just joined, there is so much help, advice and care out there for Type 1’s, … Continue reading Diabetes Awareness Week – Final Thoughts

Tiger food

For Christmas instead of buying a present each per person we ask that people get us a family ticket to somewhere, Gulliver’s World, The Wild Boar park, something like that. In this case Mrs Bergs Father had bought us tickets to Chester Zoo. As a family we love Zoos. We love nature in general and there is such a vast array of animals that we … Continue reading Tiger food