Meditation – My Silence in a Stream of Chatter

In the mornings and before bed I have book ended a special part of my routine. I unroll a yoga mat, sit cross legged on in and silently blot out all my thoughts. Sometimes I even use a little music that I found specially from YouTube I never really thought of meditation as important. It was just something other people enjoyed, or it was part … Continue reading Meditation – My Silence in a Stream of Chatter

Book Report – The Beach – Alex Garland

This week I re read my favourite book of all time. The Beach by Alex Garland. I read it first at a time when it was relevant, it had just came out and I was in university leading an adventurous lifestyle. As a rebel the thought of travelling to a forbidden beach full of daring and lust really did appeal. Despite Decaprios best efforts the … Continue reading Book Report – The Beach – Alex Garland

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was thrilled this week to be nominated for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Mackenzie of Reflections From Me. I have linked up with Mackenzie a number of times using her #mummyandus link up. I find her posts inspirational and her photography excellent. She is an established blogger with some excellent posts. Please visit her blog you won’t be disappointed. Thank you very much … Continue reading The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Too Tired

Currently Mrs Berg and I are running on empty. It’s a struggle to get up. It’s a struggle to focus. It’s a struggle stay focused. It’s all due to the time old affliction every parent (except that one friend from the school yard pick up, we all have one) experiences, good old sleep deprivation. Because it’s summer, the older kids are up later. The baby keeps … Continue reading Too Tired

Tesco Tactics

All our friends have a shopping day. They get there mothers or inlaws to sit in while they casually browse the shopping isles. We have a different approach. Its called Chaos… Basically the tactic is distract and shop. I generally run the distraction, (actually I’m sure thats just my full time role within our famliy unit) which involves getting a seperate shopping trolly and pileing … Continue reading Tesco Tactics