Bergs Place on YouTube 

For Christmas I got a GoPro. I am super excited about this because I love gadgets and watch GoPro videos all the time. Since then I have attached it to my head at Ice Hockey for a unique point of view.

I found it difficult however to share large clips with my hockey friends. That’s when one of them suggested YouTube. I could upload the videos and they would be instantly be accessible to the rest of the team. 

So that is how Bergs Place The Channel was born. I can share my hockey videos and the everyday exploits of my crazy family. 

So please watch, subscribe and enjoy your this further window into my crazy life. The link to the channel is below and will be soon included in the About Me Section. Or you can just search for Bergs Place.

And as its launch day I have used iMovie to prepare a little trailer to mark the occasion.

Berg Place on YouTube



Cinema Visit – Batman vs Superman

I used to love watching movies with my Dad when I was little. We woul sit and watch films and TV shows all the time and it is something in my childhood that I always cherish.


One of our favourite films when I was little was Superman. This is the 1978 version with Christopher Reeve and it has always been my benchmark for all the other Supermans to come. Understandably when Man of Steel came out once again me and Dad made our way to the cinema. I wasn’t sure if Dad would accept it, I’m still not sure if he had fully, but we were in awe of the darker effects filled version of our favourite character. 

Since then my son, and oldest daughter, has grown up to an age where they can watch the superhero genre. Jealously I stand by as they are spoiled with amazing films such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Avengers. I noticed the quality of programming that is available to the children of today. 

Realistically I’m not at all jealous, like my Dad I am still young enough to also enjoy these quality films, but I also have the privilege of the older versions of these beloved characters. 

So we sat there in awe, me, my Dad, my oldest Son and Daughter. The effects were spectacular, the plot was engaging, the Easter eggs and set ups for the next movies were rewarding. I won’t tell you anymore than that, I’m not a spoiler, not since I deduced who Bruce Willis’ character really was in Sixth sense and my friend told me off for telling him. But I will tell you it is an awesome film and well worth a watch.

On the way home my kids were talking about the movie, there favourite bits, did they enjoy it etc. They told me that it was miles better than that Hulk programme I made them watch. Laughing they remarked there films were better now than then.

Where as I can’t argue too much on that point it made me realise that I needn’t be jealous at all. I could watch their new versions, but it would be more difficult to get my kids to understand how good Lou Ferrignos Hulk was, or Micheal Keaton’s Batman.

 I can only hope that their appreciation will come in time with age. We finished our discussion with an interesting thought. What will their kids movies be like when they are my age? We think that movies now can’t get much better but they have done and they will. What will the next generation of superheroes look like. For now I’m enjoying the ones we have right now. They are awesome.


A brief day in the sun

It was so warm today that my hockey kit from last night aired and dried outside within a matter of hours. Naturally Mrs Berg took full the advantage of this by getting to home base as quickly as possible for some well needed potting plants. With help from our little helpers we were able to strip away the rough grass and weeds from a long winter and plant some fresh flowers in there place. 
Everyone chipped in, with planting in new pots, weeding and digging there was lots to do. It was nice for everyone to pull together and do something as a collective. After an Easter holiday filled with more snow than Easter eggs it was nice to get out in the fresh air for a change. 

Once the hard work had been done I made a filling meatballs with tomato linguine for the kids. This went down really well. I made it from scratch courtesy of Hello Fresh. We have started using Hello Fresh and I will be reviewing them another time but for now let me tell you that I made a fresh awesome linguine from scratch. 

The day was such a success and the garden was so well presented that, that evening, once the kids were in bed, I fired up the chimnea and make chicken tray bake (Hello Fresh again). We enjoyed a lovely alfresco meal followed by a study session outside next to the fire. I write this as the embers fade and the evening closes. But since it’s back to ironed uniforms and school runs I think I’ll throw another log on the fire.



What do you want to do with your life?

This was the big question my 5 and 7 year old asked me today. It was interesting because my answer wasn’t to do with money or possessions. It was about happiness. 

I reached a point a year or so ago when I realised I wanted to change my life for the better. One of the things I found in the many blog articles I read was that we should all persue what makes us happy, and the mental state known as the flow. Through the ups and downs, especially the downs it’s easy to forget how far we have progressed in our own goals.

My answer was I have always wanted to write, and play hockey. My 7 year old then asked “why don’t you write then” (they see me play hockey each week). Proudly I was able to say, “I do”.

This was a highlight I haven’t thought of for a while. Despite some percieved failings dominating my thoughts at the moment. Worries about bills and schedules and making it all work have made me forget that I have been sucessful in the places that truly matter, my own goals.

It is easy to hear discouragement from others and believe it. It is easy to get absorbed in the day to day stresses of our lives, that prioritise themselves and drain your energy and time and money. You need to be clear about your own goals and review them regularly. Pat yourself on back for your achievements and remember when you fail to pay a gas bill that it is only a gas bill and you are on a greater path, despite how (insert gas company here) makes you feel. 

Incidentally my 5 year old wanted to be a mum or a nurse. Both noble pursuits. I told her she could be both, like her mum is. My 7 year old wanted to be a Dad (another proud moment highlighting my own success) and a Ghostbuster, proving that imagination is still a powerful thing. I didn’t discourage him from being a Ghostbuster, I told him to reach for his dream and one day he will reach his goal.