Rock Ornaments

Last weekends adventure was a crafty one. We decided to liven our garden up with some rock ornaments. Of course as easy as it is to buy them where would be the fun in that.

As it was a nice day we decided that the best thing to do would be to actually collect the rocks and paint them ourselves. Ha ha we do after all have a free labour force in our 4 children (tempted to go into global production already). So off we all went to Edisford Bridge a local river where people take picnics and paddle and fish in the river.

After a short walk we arrived near the waters edge and began looking for medium size smooth round rocks. Normally all of the kids have to collect rocks and sticks and leaves and anything else they can stuff in there pockets. Especially the boys. Soon we had a good stack piled up in the bottom of our pushchair. This left them to throw stones eagerly into the river. There were also times when they tried to paddle in the still waters, socks and all.

The only thing to remember, especially if you got the pram down to the waters edge, is that you do have to get the pram back up, including the large stones you filled it with. Just saying. In case, like me, you didn’t consider this. Ha ha. My back will recover.

The kids had there dose of fun and adventure by the river, they got to lazily wander home through the field and park. Soon it would be time to put part two of the plan into action.

Once home we emptied the rocks out onto the kitchen table, picked and shared out the best ones and got to work. We had given the kids a selection of acrylic paints to use at will. We had a few ideas that we wanted to try, like we wanted a badger as our 6 year olds nickname is badger. Mrs Berg had an idea of a frog on a Lilly pad. In general, and as it was our first attempt we kept it simple. Bees, butterfly’s and just general colouring.

It was a fun activity that we could allow the kids a fairly free reign to paint and create as they wanted, we then allowed them to dry and tidied up all the mess. A mix of outdoor fun with a creative playtime kept them occupied all day. And we got our free garden ornaments.

Just to finish them off we covered and recovered in glue once dry, to protect them from the elements.

Now we have memories that we can place in the garden to liven it up for the summer and the kids feel like they have contributed.










What’s new Pussy Cat?

Me and Mrs Berg were sat outside with a glass of wine (hot chocolate for the woman with child), with the promise of cheesy home-made nachos on the cards, when all of a sudden one of the little ones comes running down the stairs. This is not unusual and can normally be chalked up to Sod’s law. This time, however our 9 year old couldn’t be bribed back to bed with a drink. “It’s the cat,” she said.

We have (deep breath) 4 cats, 5 fish, a bearded dragon and a pet addiction. It’s easy enough for me to blame my wife for her endless need to own new animals, but I confess now I am just as bad.

One of the two younger cats we recently adopted had got pregnant early on, and it was to this one that my eldest was referring. Sox had been scratching around about the house for days so we knew that it was nearly time.

We did object to her making a nest on the our youngest daughters bed though so we moved her along into our room and I started to Google “how to help a cat give birth”, all the while thinking maybe this was something I should have done earlier. As we were ushering the cat into the bedroom there were definite signs of a head popping out.

The buzz and excitement was tangible as my daughters buzzed around me, eager to see the
kittens being born. Tactically, after a quick peek I instructed the older to take the younger into her bed. I was at least 4 steps behind on the how to and was eager to get ahead quick.

My wife was totally into it, not needing the reassurance of a Google search she dove straight
in and just treated the cat as she would a human. It was nice her being on my side of the
labour for a change.

The first kitten was born at 10.08pm.

Our neighbours across the road have vinyl gloves in there medical cabinet so I nipped over and borrowed some. Well of course as soon as she heard she wanted to see so we swapped houses for a while. This gave me time to get ahead of the how to. By the time we swapped back I had a to do list.

I pride on my family being very capable at just getting on with it, and this was one of those
times. The cat didn’t know what to do with the kitten and had licked her clean, but she had now put some distance between them while she waited for the next one.

So, I rounded up a few items; box, blankets, hot water bottle, brew for the midwife, when the
second of the litter arrived. By this time we were experts. I could also ask relevant questions to prove I was paying attention. Had she broke the amniotic sack, did the umbilical cord break, did she. Eat. The. Placenta. Ugh. Well I’m not squeamish but I’m glad my position was on the landing providing back up. That said I knew it would be my job to handle anything sticky or overly disgusting.

The cat didn’t know what to do with the kitten and had licked her clean, but she had now put
some distance between them while she waited for the next one.

Suddenly I was up. It was my time. The cat had moved to the birthing point we had set up. Leaving the kitten ready for me to scoop up and place delicately in the box. I donned the glove and picked up the kitten. My wife started to get the camera ready for my proud moment. Then the kitten started to mew in distress, the cats eyes perked up and caught me red handed. Meowing frantically for me to kindly in hand her child. Before the camera could click I had to put tuck the kitten up in the box and all was well.

Once the kitten was nice and warm Sox began to push again.

The second kitten came into the world at 10.50pm.

It was a truly remarkable experience, like another notch on my belt, gave birth to kittens. I snuck in and let the oldest, who was lay awkwardly with the her sibling on top of her, that another one had been born. She shrieked and I had to quickly assure her she could she them in the morning.

At this point something surreal happened. Something that doesn’t normally happen to me
during any labour previously. I was given a break.

My wife had been been taking pictures frantically throughout and after the neighbor had been alerted to the second cute ball of fluff she was keen to see. So again, we swapped.

About 10 minutes later, I was sat in front of her TV and The Matrix Reloaded came on. Neo had a dream, Mopheus was lobbying for another ship to stay in the Matrix, Agent Smith resurfaced, and I was hooked. I realized that Link from the Matrix was played by Harold Perrineau. He also played Micheal from Lost, and Augustus in Oz, AND Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. I never knew. Totally engaged.

I never realized how much time had gone by until I got a call saying the third kitten had been

The last kitten had been born at 11.35pm.

The neighbor thought the light ginger kitten should be called Simba. I came back and Mrs Berg was tired. She was convinced there would be a 4th. There wasn’t. But we waited an hour before we were sure. By this time the kittens still needed suckling so we moved the kittens to her in her basket and they all cuddled up lay down and began to feed.

It was now 1.44am.

What a night. As I lay exhausted on the landing (so that all the kids didn’t just barge in in the morning) I realised what a night I truly had. 3 lives came into the world. I realized just how long Harold Perrineau had featured in my life, and I realized I never did get my
nachos with cheese.

Here comes trouble

When my eldest daughter was younger she was obsessed with lists, particularly role calls. She would endlessly line her teddies up and play teacher to them. So to introduce my four greatest achievements I could find no better way.

I have been a lot of things in my life, Ice Hockey coach, amateur wrestler, University Student, but my proudest time of my life is fatherhood. Speak you 99% of fathers and I’m sure this will be the same. However this blog, Bergs Place, would be nothing without the input and daily shenanigans of these cheeky band of totally awesome individuals.

Since this is new I worry about the safety of online blogging, especially since it is my children I’m talking about. So to protect those I love no names and no photos. I’m sure one of the things what will grow in the coming months is my confidence to showcase the players of this story.

First up is my eldest. She is 9 going on 30. Intelligent and creative. Currently she is in the choir and school play so is rehearsing every chance she can get. She has been driving us mad showing us the little tweaks to her performance. She is allergic to nuts.

Then there is my eldest boy at 6 years old. He’s good a building and fixing. Fortunately he is into superheroes like his dad, he is also the go out and collect bugs type. The other day we were playing football and as me and his Grandad came in to score we found only an empty net as the goalie had wandered off to chase a butterfly.

Next there is the middle child,a ball of pure energy, 3 years old and she is the kindest one among us. Recognized widely for her unique mop of curly hair. Typical girl, she looks after her dolls with regular tea party’s and, this summer, picnics. If the house is quiet we know there she is up to no good somewhere.

Current youngest is nearly 2 years old and cute as a button. He can walk, developed quicker than the others, there is something to be said for having older siblings. He can also talk quicker than the others, everyday I find one of them saying, “Say mummy,” “say daddy”. Although if I’m honest the words they get him to say are most are “poo poo head” “snot” and all manner of silly words and phrases. Still he’s learning.

The fifth child – TBA. Due late September. The latest welcome addition has yet to arrive, but we are looking forward to her joining the existing four. Mrs Berg won’t let me call her Mambo (as in the song Mambo #5).

Finally my wife of 5 years, although we have been together longer, and mother to all 5 children. She is student nurse with an uncanny knack for diagnosing our illnesses. She has a kind and loving heart and will be brilliant in the nursing profession. She can bake anything and has made most of the kids unique birthday cakes from scratch. Crafty and capable of making endless creative task to perform with the kids. As I write this she is decorating the bigger of the bedrooms.

My wife also has coeliac disease, like her Mum and Grandad before her. Because of that she has to stick to the gluten free diet. This works out very well for us because that means we stick to food that we can all enjoy together, leaving us free of the processed food that can get consumed too readily these days. For anyone on the gluten free diet this blog will definitely include gluten free recipes and a general look into how we incorporate it into our lifestyle.

So that’s the role call. 

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Welcome to Bergs Place

Welcome. My nickname from University was Berg. And this is my Place. I wanted to create my own little space on the internet to share with people my everyday life, as interesting or uninteresting as that may be. In a world of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr it seems like everyone is doing just that from their mobiles. It has almost become instinct for most, and to be honest I want a piece of the action. I did fancy a blog better though because I have always enjoyed writing.

So here it is. Since this is an introduction I’ll start off by saying, I have 5 Children, (4 and 2/3rds actually). Although I’m sure some people have more children than I do I am at that point when my friends and family look at me in disbelief, and strangers comment that I must have my hands full. In truth, they are correct; however it is also a heck of a lot of fun. I hope you will see through this blog what a unique and rewarding experience pushing past three children is.

I also have my own small business. This is a family business and focusing on Lettings Management. This is a personal blog but I can predict now that I will plug my lettings business, this is my place after all. This blog will document the hectic and comical struggles of one man juggling the two worlds.

I try to keep a Positive Mental Attitude, and keep fit using the Insanity workout and Cycling around my Lancashire home. I also like; Ice Hockey, WWE, Reading, Writing, Watching TV and Movies, Comics, and Adventuring in the great outdoors.

So that’s the intro, stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and I hope we grow together as I share this journey with you. And maybe we all learn a little something along the way.