One week left to the Great North Run

So since February this year I have been in training for the Great North Run. This is one of my milestones and boy has it come round fast. After getting out of breath running up and down the stairs to running a fairly consistent 5K plus a day I have a come a long way.

This is a great achievement personally but today I want to talk about what I’m running for.

Its not Coeliac. Its not Diabetes, that’s next years charity drive. When I started running my son didn’t have diagnosed Diabetes.

Last year my brother and his girlfriend ran the great north run for a charity close to  my brothers girlfriends heart, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Her Grandads life has been changed for the better thanks to the charity.

Deaf from working in a shipyard for many years a specially trained dog Charlie has been assigned to her Grandad Bill. Charlie helps Bill react to many of the noises we take for granted, telephones, door knocks, fire alarms.

My own Nana is deaf and since the charity work from last years run we have begun the process to help her as well.

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf help thousands every of people every year. But they cant do it without funding.

So, while I donate my sweat, and tears to every step, every mile I ask anyone who can to donate a little to our cause.

Donate Here

Please, any little amount helps.

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Diabetes Awareness Week – Final Thoughts

So it is nearing the end of Diabetes Awareness week, and I just wanted to share a quick post just to thank everyone this week who have been involved personally and generally with spreading awareness.

It has been nice to see so much support within the Diabetic community we have just joined, there is so much help, advice and care out there for Type 1’s, I really feel my son is in safe hands.

I want to take this opportunity to thank out own Diabetic team in Burnley and Blackburn, they are now part of the family. I know 24 hrs a day they are at the end of a phone, and no medical team I know of previously has insisted on so much involvement.

2015-06-19 10.47.05

In the next year, we will be getting more involved, I already plan on running at least the Manchester Marathon for JDRF along with other similar fundraising runs, also Mrs Berg is already planning a sponsored cycle. I know the kids will also want to do some things as well.

It will all be in the blog, so keep reading and hopefully next year I will be able to provide a total of money donated and a list of helpful ways Bergs Place has contributed to such an impressive and doting community.