Meditation – My Silence in a Stream of Chatter

In the mornings and before bed I have book ended a special part of my routine. I unroll a yoga mat, sit cross legged on in and silently blot out all my thoughts. Sometimes I even use a little music that I found specially from YouTube I never really thought of meditation as important. It was just something other people enjoyed, or it was part … Continue reading Meditation – My Silence in a Stream of Chatter

Too Tired

Currently Mrs Berg and I are running on empty. It’s a struggle to get up. It’s a struggle to focus. It’s a struggle stay focused. It’s all due to the time old affliction every parent (except that one friend from the school yard pick up, we all have one) experiences, good old sleep deprivation. Because it’s summer, the older kids are up later. The baby keeps … Continue reading Too Tired

Tesco Tactics

All our friends have a shopping day. They get there mothers or inlaws to sit in while they casually browse the shopping isles. We have a different approach. Its called Chaos… Basically the tactic is distract and shop. I generally run the distraction, (actually I’m sure thats just my full time role within our famliy unit) which involves getting a seperate shopping trolly and pileing … Continue reading Tesco Tactics

Do you really move up a rank when you’re a Parent?

When you become a parent do you move up or back down? Ok so when you become a parent you traditionally expect that you are now the parent, your parents are now grandparents and your grandparents are now great grandparents, right. So everyone moves up one. However this morning I sat down with my coffee and my toast. Put the TV on and realised something. … Continue reading Do you really move up a rank when you’re a Parent?

Diabetes Awareness Week – Final Thoughts

So it is nearing the end of Diabetes Awareness week, and I just wanted to share a quick post just to thank everyone this week who have been involved personally and generally with spreading awareness. It has been nice to see so much support within the Diabetic community we have just joined, there is so much help, advice and care out there for Type 1’s, … Continue reading Diabetes Awareness Week – Final Thoughts

My wife has Coeliac – My Frustrating Journey

My wife has coeliac disease. Her mother has it, her Grandad died because he didn’t stick to the diet. It is very likely that one or more of our children will get it during their lifetime. She was officially diagnosed with coeliac in 2010, which seems like forever ago now, but she was aware of the condition since a young age. So what is coeliac … Continue reading My wife has Coeliac – My Frustrating Journey