New Year New Me

The first ever New Years on 1st of January was celebrated on the year 45 BC when the Julian calendar was started by Julius Caesar. But supposedly the idea of making resolutions dates back as far as the Babylonian times, when they would make promises to their gods to pay their debts or return items else they fall out of favour with said deity’s (rather a more serious threat that current times I feel). We have been doing this a long time so who am I to disagree… However…

It was a fair few New Years ago when I became disillusioned with the idea of resolutions. I was trying to give up smoking and not for the first time. Each year I would be out with my friends Gaz and Tez, the hour before midnight I’d be out in a club in Manchester or on the dance floor of Revolution in Blackpool, drinking and smoking as is standard. Making merry until the dreaded time came. Then at 12 o’clock no more smoking, that’s it. Done. Dusted. Except… Id just been smoking 5 cigs an hour for about 3 hours. I still had 10 cigarettes in my pockets that paid for. Everyone around me was still smoking and each one of them looked like they were enjoying it sooooooo much. It was too many factors against me and obviously I caved.

Another popular one is a change of diet, but for the whole of December you have over indulged in all the fatty, sugary, tasty treats that Christmas brings, you still have all the boxes of Toffifee that your loved ones have bought you.

Someone who never goes to the gym would struggle to find there way there and over come all the anxiety of deciding where to start on which machine on the 1st of January, especially before or after their big roast dinner that is traditional on that day.

Ok, so there are people who can and will stick to resolutions and do benefit from them. It is positive affirmation to say I am going to change my life, these are my goals. I however make a point of not making that day New Years day.

Instead I think the best time to make that change is now. That moment you get in that mindset that you are unhappy with your job, or you know that cigarettes are doing you more harm than good, or you need you begin your healthy diet. Because the longer you leave it the longer you have to talk yourself out of it.

My plan with regards to big changes involves setting goals throughout the year and developing an action plan. I know that setting deadlines is important but if I leave it to just one day in the year I know myself that I am setting too much pressure on myself.

New year new me, has now become a more of a fad that people eye roll at and also make memes for but the act of setting resolutions is a good one and big positive step. So if you have set them good luck in keeping to them and well done to everyone who is on still on the right track.

Happy New Year to everyone I hope you have a good one.




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