The First Time Back

It’s 7.04am. I’m already messing with my kit bag. Getting it out of the cupboard, checking its contents, picking a shirt. It has been 6 huge months at least since I have felt the ice under my blades. Coronavirus had took away our training, our matches, our tournaments and our league expectations. It had also took away my fitness. I was really nervous that those … Continue reading The First Time Back

Week 11 – Goodbyes and the  Varx Select

When I first started back at hockey 3 years ago I was unsure about how much my skill level would have diminished over the years I was away. I joined the Varx in the hope of joining in to improve and build my fitness. I was very unsure of myself. But I remember the turning point at the time was when a long time respected … Continue reading Week 11 – Goodbyes and the  Varx Select

Week 2 – Back on the Ice 

Finally I get to get back on the ice. As I get changed someone enlightens me that it has been 4 weeks since our last training session. For Christmas I got a new stick. A Nexus 9000. There are two differences between this stick and the last. The first is the length, my previous stick I cut down really short. The basis for this was … Continue reading Week 2 – Back on the Ice