The First Time Back

It’s 7.04am. I’m already messing with my kit bag. Getting it out of the cupboard, checking its contents, picking a shirt. It has been 6 huge months at least since I have felt the ice under my blades. Coronavirus had took away our training, our matches, our tournaments and our league expectations. It had also took away my fitness. I was really nervous that those … Continue reading The First Time Back

10,000 Hours

I was recently at an Ice Hockey Coaching Course. One of the main points was something that could actually be applied beyond Hockey The theory come from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers – The story of success. It is simply that it takes 10,000 hours to excel at anything. If you do something, anything, for 10,000 hours you will master it. Bruce Lee had a similar … Continue reading 10,000 Hours

Welcome Back

Welcome. My name is Chris. But in University my nickname was Berg. And this is my Place. I wanted to create my own little space on the internet to share with people my everyday life, as interesting or uninteresting as that may be. In a world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it seems like everyone is doing just that from their mobiles. It has almost … Continue reading Welcome Back

Week 11 – Goodbyes and the  Varx Select

When I first started back at hockey 3 years ago I was unsure about how much my skill level would have diminished over the years I was away. I joined the Varx in the hope of joining in to improve and build my fitness. I was very unsure of myself. But I remember the turning point at the time was when a long time respected … Continue reading Week 11 – Goodbyes and the  Varx Select