A poem for my Nana May


My Nana feels she is getting too old. When I spoke to her the other day she told me that one thing she is sad about is that my children will not see her as I saw her. 

The fun Nana, who babysat us as kids, chasing us round the living room, or making us egg and chips. She always had a lot of energy when we were little, and she did loads to help us all as we got older.

As she is deaf I decided that the best way to let her know how I appreciated her was by writing it down. So I did and put it in a card for her Birthday. 

This is the Poem I made for her:
I remember when you were the first to hear me cry,

I remember when I was young and you held me in your arms,

I remember when you chased me as a monster, we played for long summer days.

I remember when we had sleep overs and you cooked me my favourite meals and taught me how to play games,

I remember when you used to send me precious funds when I had nothing in University.

I remember when you were there when I got married, to welcome my wife, to hold my children, to play with them with the love and kindness you showed me.

And for this day. And all the others to come they will remember.
Because I remember. And always will. 

We love you Nana. We loved you then, we love you now, for all you were, for all you are.

A Cornish Mum

4 replies to “A poem for my Nana May

  1. Aw that is just beautiful and so sweet! It sounds like you have a lovely relationship with your Nana May. Thank you for linking up to #PicknMix πŸ™‚

    Stevie πŸ™‚


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