The First Day of Autumn

It has been a big day today. My youngest son turned 3. My oldest son started in Juniors. My eldest Daughter started her final year at primary school and my middle daughter started her first day at primary school.

Also Mrs Berg has started her first year of a 3 year course at university.

Busy Morning.

2015-09-08 14.58.04

I however have a day off. It just happens to be the Tour of Britain and they are cycling through my village and as such all the roads are blocked off including the one my office is on. Lucky me.

The only definite thing I must do today is pick the middle child up from nursery at 12 and deliver her to her first day at her new school.

I am so proud of her as she sports her brand new uniform with grown up bag and hair tied up all smart. I really get emotional as I know it’s the start of them growing up. This child is the confident, outgoing, wild child, so I have no worries about her finding her feet. The sadness I feel is purely selfish and to do with me losing a part of my little girl. But she isn’t in high school yet so I know I can squeeze a few cute years yet.

To get from the nursery to the school though I have to go through my village. The one blocked off with the race.

I’m strategising in my head. Should I go earlier and wait in my car at nursery? Do I go later and hope the race has passed? I just don’t have the time the race is coming through.

I decided to go early, but not too early that I’m waiting for ages in the car (it is the only day off I’m likely to have for a long while, like gold dust they are to be completely alone in the house).

I wind my way round the back country road I’d planned in advance. I was so pleased with my progress.

But then I hit the village. In fairness I did get further in without stopping that I thought. But stop I did because ahead of me was a whole crowd of people. The traffic had stopped police were in the road. And then round the corner spun the bikes, hundreds of them at pace. In a blur of colour the racers coursed, the crowd cheered.

I had timed my school run for the exact time the race had came through. Far from being an inconvenience it had put me closer up to the race than I could have got if I had planned to watch it.

The sun had been glorious, the air crisp and cool, it had been a perfect September day.

I had gotten my housework done, I shared the important milestones my family had and I had an exciting moment in a community event. All in all it was a good start to a new term.

As one season ends, I feel like I’ve started out on the right foot, now to just continue on the positive footing.

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3 replies to “The First Day of Autumn

  1. Sounds like a positive start to a new season. Some big family milestones there, #mummyandus thanks for popping by and linking


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