Stay Positive, Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

The recent pandemic has got me stressed, anxious, worried and above all fearful. So much advice to take on board. Such a vast amount of social contribution. Not to make light of it but to provide a bit of relief from the heavy debate I have searched for some of the humour the virus has […]

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10,000 Hours

I was recently at an Ice Hockey Coaching Course. One of the main points was something that could actually be applied beyond Hockey The theory come from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers – The story of success. It is simply that it takes 10,000 hours to excel at anything. If you do something, anything, for 10,000 hours you will master it. Bruce Lee had a similar … Continue reading 10,000 Hours

Welcome Back

Welcome. My name is Chris. But in University my nickname was Berg. And this is my Place. I wanted to create my own little space on the internet to share with people my everyday life, as interesting or uninteresting as that may be. In a world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it seems like everyone is doing just that from their mobiles. It has almost … Continue reading Welcome Back