Bergs Place Continues…

There has been a sad change for my life recently. One that I didn’t want to talk about. One that I can’t express fully yet. But one that I must at least mention in order to move forward.
Me and Mrs Berg have split up.

The sad details around this may never be revealed on here fully however I feel there will be a definite change as the path the blog will take a new path and now be of that from a single dads perspective.

Ultimately, I have been been away too long and sad for too long so I won’t dwell. 

Instead I will raise a glass for one one of the most influential women my life has had, and mourn the end of a truly fantastic 14 years. 

My next glass is a toast to the future as I move forward with new challenges, a new journey and a fresh start.


Happy Birthday Rick

Today is Rick Moranis’ Birthday.

Ages ago I read something that really stuck with me. It was about actor Rick Moranis. He was/is a famous actor from the 80s 90s. Ghostbusters, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Little Shop of Horrors, of course you know him, the list is endless.

The story goes that sadly Ricks wife dies. At the time he was one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. But he had 3 kids who were suddenly without a mother, what did he do. He quit it all to become a stay at home dad. It was one of the boldest and inspiring moves I have ever heard.
Here’s the bit that I took on board and put into action. In a recent interview he said that he wanted his kids to come home from school the smell of cooking and sound of music. This fun, loving home really appealed to me.
Now that the roles have been reversed and it’s Mrs Berg who is in work and me who is at home I strive to keep my home a fun and happy place. When things are tough, when I feel I gave up too much I remember the commitment to his cause that Rick put in and that my one goal should always be to make my home a happy place my kids can thrive in. 
Happy Birthday Rick. Thank you for the inspiration. 

Our Month – January 

This month we have caught the third evolution of all the starter Pokemon, we went to the beach. We had a brilliant New Years days and started very festive. Fun walks and beach walks. Family have came round, from cousins to grandparents. I launched the Hockey Journal and Sawyer began his hockey Journey. Despite a lot of fun we are glad to see the back of January because we have been ill throughout it especially Sawyer who has been in hospital because of high Blood Sugars. Looking forward for the month of Love though, see what trouble we can get into.


Week 2 – Back on the Ice 

Finally I get to get back on the ice. As I get changed someone enlightens me that it has been 4 weeks since our last training session.

For Christmas I got a new stick. A Nexus 9000. There are two differences between this stick and the last. The first is the length, my previous stick I cut down really short. The basis for this was to emphasise puck handling over shooting. I have never had a shot, certainly not a slapshot, and because I keep low for checking the length suited me.

Because it was short the second difference was that it had no flex. Like none at all. Once cut it must have been over 150 flex. 

During the break I was worrying about playing with a longer, whippier stick.

How would it effect my puck control? Would it really give me a better shot? Or would it just get in the way?

My other concern was how much damage my Christmas belly had done to my fitness.

4 weeks of questions followed me as I stepped onto the the ice for the Altrincham Aardvarx Saturday session. As I skated up and down in the opening few minutes I realised my skates were sharp enough, I hadn’t left any of my agility behind.

There were no net minders on the Varx. All had prior commitments it being the first Saturday past the Holidays. That didn’t stop me from firing out a load of shots off. Wow. It was worth the initial clumsiness when the power in my shot had grown so much. At one point I thought someone behind me had taken the shot… and they kept hitting the top left bag… from the blue line.

Due to the lack of net minders the drills consisted mainly of skating and puck handling drills. Perfect. Just what I needed to feel out the stick and my stride.

One thing I noticed was I had more of a reach I could dodge one way and have my stick out the other side, cutting them off completely. I got the puck 90% of the time.

I didn’t feel any awkwardness with the stick until I returned to the Blackburn Falcons 2 nights later. With the higher intensity I really got a feel for how differently I could pull moves on it. They were different moves which gave me more space. It was easier to guide them to the boards because of my reach. This time there was a net minder to practice my shot on.

The Falcons drills were as always more situational and during a cycling drill I found the true power of the shot, scoring several top shelf bags past the net minder from a one timer, on the move. I had never done that before. 

In my last Falcons training before Christmas I had a higher intensity and even started to match the others players pace. I could never have matched them before. Thankfully this session was no different, carrying my confidence through into this new year.

A surprise was that in the scrimmage the two players known for the harder most liberal checks were against me. I’m pleased to say I held my own and took and gave a few checks back. Checking is something I need to build back into my game so this was a nice first step.

The first training sessions of the new year had gone well and wiped any doubts that come from absence out of my mind, now I can move forward with pride and self confidence.

The big swap out

For me 2016 set me one of my biggest changes ever. We finally swapped our parental responsibility s so it was me who had more time with the kids and Mrs Berg who had more time at work.


The events that caused me the most stress in life was when my family conflicts with my job.
In theory it’s a no brainier. Family comes first, my children need me I’ll be there. But in practice there is large grey area that sometimes there is no solution for.

I had been working for a number of years as a Lettings agent. It was a family business, working for my parents. It was a fantastic job and it nice to be able to spend time with my mum everyday. Because it was our own business we worked all hours to accommodate our landlords and tenants,  but we enjoyed doing it so it was never really a problem, even on those days when you had a particularly demanding customer. We learnt as we went, developed on the go and rose to every challenge.

However things changed, as things do. My Grandad died, then my Nana, and my other Nana was needing a lot more care and as she was the last of her generation left we felt more and more emboldened to spend precious time with her.

At the same time my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I was constantly in hospitals with him, learning about all the new ways that my son would need my care and attention.

It was a lot of work and suddenly the work we had once put into the business had to be spent elsewhere. Also, the business, and work in general didn’t hold the same weight in our lives anymore. Don’t get me wrong. my mother and father are (and always have been) hard working individuals. Priding themselves on a strong work ethic throughout my life, but after my mum losing her father, and my dad losing his mother and my son coming so close to fatality, the pursuit of money seemed so pale compared to the pursuit of time.

Furthermore Mrs Berg was smashing college. She owned college, she owned her placements, she owned her assignments. She graduated in the top percentile of college and beat over 1000 applicants to earn a place on a children’s nursing course at university. Consequentially she would be spending less time at home, night shifts and long hours and late night assignments beckoned, she needed someone to sort the kids out, take them and pick them up from school.

It was time. January 2016 I set out in search of a change. We closed down the business so my mum could concentrate on her mum, and I started looking after the kids. I found myself a job as a courier that I could work part time while the kids were in school. I drop them off go to work and deliver all my parcels then pick them up, and I have the rest of the day to spend with them until Mrs Berg gets home at night.

Mrs Berg hates me saying I’m a stay at home dad now, and I’m not I’m a sort of hybrid because I work part time and look after the kids part time. What ever it is it is working for us. Sometimes I get more time at home, sometimes shes in between shifts and shes off.

I’m looking forward the 6 weeks holidays because we will have time to really put some quality time in with the kids.

The main thing that I have learned from all this though is that you need money and a job, without it things can get difficult fast, but the pursuit of time and happiness is a far better commodity.



Bergs Place on YouTube 

For Christmas I got a GoPro. I am super excited about this because I love gadgets and watch GoPro videos all the time. Since then I have attached it to my head at Ice Hockey for a unique point of view.

I found it difficult however to share large clips with my hockey friends. That’s when one of them suggested YouTube. I could upload the videos and they would be instantly be accessible to the rest of the team. 

So that is how Bergs Place The Channel was born. I can share my hockey videos and the everyday exploits of my crazy family. 

So please watch, subscribe and enjoy your this further window into my crazy life. The link to the channel is below and will be soon included in the About Me Section. Or you can just search for Bergs Place.

And as its launch day I have used iMovie to prepare a little trailer to mark the occasion.

Berg Place on YouTube