Welcome to Bergs Place

Welcome. My nickname from University was Berg. And this is my Place. I wanted to create my own little space on the internet to share with people my everyday life, as interesting or uninteresting as that may be. In a world of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr it seems like everyone is doing just that from their mobiles. It has almost become instinct for most, and to be honest I want a piece of the action. I did fancy a blog better though because I have always enjoyed writing.

So here it is. Since this is an introduction I’ll start off by saying, I have 5 Children, (4 and 2/3rds actually). Although I’m sure some people have more children than I do I am at that point when my friends and family look at me in disbelief, and strangers comment that I must have my hands full. In truth, they are correct; however it is also a heck of a lot of fun. I hope you will see through this blog what a unique and rewarding experience pushing past three children is.

I also have my own small business. This is a family business and focusing on Lettings Management. This is a personal blog but I can predict now that I will plug my lettings business, this is my place after all. This blog will document the hectic and comical struggles of one man juggling the two worlds.

I try to keep a Positive Mental Attitude, and keep fit using the Insanity workout and Cycling around my Lancashire home. I also like; Ice Hockey, WWE, Reading, Writing, Watching TV and Movies, Comics, and Adventuring in the great outdoors.

So that’s the intro, stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and I hope we grow together as I share this journey with you. And maybe we all learn a little something along the way.

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