Here comes trouble

When my eldest daughter was younger she was obsessed with lists, particularly role calls. She would endlessly line her teddies up and play teacher to them. So to introduce my four greatest achievements I could find no better way.

I have been a lot of things in my life, Ice Hockey coach, amateur wrestler, University Student, but my proudest time of my life is fatherhood. Speak you 99% of fathers and I’m sure this will be the same. However this blog, Bergs Place, would be nothing without the input and daily shenanigans of these cheeky band of totally awesome individuals.

Since this is new I worry about the safety of online blogging, especially since it is my children I’m talking about. So to protect those I love no names and no photos. I’m sure one of the things what will grow in the coming months is my confidence to showcase the players of this story.

First up is my eldest. She is 9 going on 30. Intelligent and creative. Currently she is in the choir and school play so is rehearsing every chance she can get. She has been driving us mad showing us the little tweaks to her performance. She is allergic to nuts.

Then there is my eldest boy at 6 years old. He’s good a building and fixing. Fortunately he is into superheroes like his dad, he is also the go out and collect bugs type. The other day we were playing football and as me and his Grandad came in to score we found only an empty net as the goalie had wandered off to chase a butterfly.

Next there is the middle child,a ball of pure energy, 3 years old and she is the kindest one among us. Recognized widely for her unique mop of curly hair. Typical girl, she looks after her dolls with regular tea party’s and, this summer, picnics. If the house is quiet we know there she is up to no good somewhere.

Current youngest is nearly 2 years old and cute as a button. He can walk, developed quicker than the others, there is something to be said for having older siblings. He can also talk quicker than the others, everyday I find one of them saying, “Say mummy,” “say daddy”. Although if I’m honest the words they get him to say are most are “poo poo head” “snot” and all manner of silly words and phrases. Still he’s learning.

The fifth child – TBA. Due late September. The latest welcome addition has yet to arrive, but we are looking forward to her joining the existing four. Mrs Berg won’t let me call her Mambo (as in the song Mambo #5).

Finally my wife of 5 years, although we have been together longer, and mother to all 5 children. She is student nurse with an uncanny knack for diagnosing our illnesses. She has a kind and loving heart and will be brilliant in the nursing profession. She can bake anything and has made most of the kids unique birthday cakes from scratch. Crafty and capable of making endless creative task to perform with the kids. As I write this she is decorating the bigger of the bedrooms.

My wife also has coeliac disease, like her Mum and Grandad before her. Because of that she has to stick to the gluten free diet. This works out very well for us because that means we stick to food that we can all enjoy together, leaving us free of the processed food that can get consumed too readily these days. For anyone on the gluten free diet this blog will definitely include gluten free recipes and a general look into how we incorporate it into our lifestyle.

So that’s the role call. 

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