Sandwich Bag Art

A couple of school terms ago I was looking on the tinterweb, and came across a number of American Dads who drew little pieces of art and favourite cartoon characters on their kids paper lunch bags.

I loved the idea. Each with its own little phrase or slogan. I thought I’d give it ago. I bought a large pack of coloured sharpies and some plastic lunch bags.

These are a few I did from last term.

2014-07-25 13.48.46 2014-07-25 13.49.28 2014-07-25 13.50.34 2014-07-25 13.51.19 2014-07-25 13.52.02 2014-07-25 13.52.53 2014-07-25 13.53.50 2014-07-25 13.54.25 2014-07-25 13.54.56 2014-07-25 13.55.22 2014-07-25 13.55.53

Now I really enjoy making these and my kids loved them so when I have a spare minute I do one or two and save it in a box in the house ready for the next school dinner.

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