Breaking the Block

Rain lashed horrible and cold at my neck as I struggled with our now second youngest’s car seat this morning. My brown jacket already soaked through. Despite the wet weather my tribe were still dawdling and I was taking the hit.

It was then I realised that the summer was officially over. I also realised that I hadn’t wrote a blog most of the summer. It wasn’t for lack of material. The Bergs had a jam packed summer, there was plenty of blog able stories. So was there too much was I too busy. I think that was the point. I have been running around sorting out hospital appointments, operations, births, stag dos, weddings. I had barely enough time to get to and participate in these events let alone write about them.

In essence I’m saying that I feel guilty for not writing up these events as I go. The truth of the matter is that I have always loved writing, but the sheer volume of events I encountered of the summer gave me a horrible writers block.

This is something that I’m sure every writer has at some point. I also realise that I’m hardly the most read blogger, however I felt I needed this intermediate article, to apologise, to explain myself, and hopefully break the writers block.

So as the hot full summer fades into the wet Autumn, I will make a vow to
bring the stories that made our summer fabulous and the tales of a Autumn full of promise.

Thanks for reading. Writers block – Smashed.

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