How Apple inspired me

When I talk about the positive changes I made last year I general talk about my fitness goals.

But really that was only one side of the change. I was also in conflict because I always wanted to be a writer, but could never stay the course and put things out there. I also found that part of a positive lifestyle was to give back to your community and help those around you.

Scouring the internet for inspiration I came across a series of adverts that Apple made to promote the iPad Air.

I found that I could relate to them and they inspired me into action.

Here are my favourites.

Robin Williams speech from the Dead Poets Society is a brilliant backdrop to the range of extraordinary things that apple present us with. It also had Ice Hockey in it which directly resonated with me.

Cheries Verse was good because of how she used social media to plan and record her journey. I really gave my inner writer some ideas on how I could begin my writing journey.

With an excellent backing track of You are Undeniable by Marvin Gaye with Mos Def this was the first video I watched. Jasons Verse spoke out to me about how a wanted to be. Riding around on my bike, rallying the community, writing on my Ipad. Brilliant.

Not only did these short clips provide a call to action but they also enlightened my a lot of new apps that I use today.

There are more in the series but these were the ones that inspired me. I hope they inspire you to.

What will your Verse be?

Have a good day.

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