Do you really move up a rank when you’re a Parent?

When you become a parent do you move up or back down?

Ok so when you become a parent you traditionally expect that you are now the parent, your parents are now grandparents and your grandparents are now great grandparents, right. So everyone moves up one.

However this morning I sat down with my coffee and my toast. Put the TV on and realised something.

I was watching “Pip Ahoy” the channel 5 Kids show from Milkshake. I looked at my toast and realised it was on a yellow plastic plate.

2015-06-26 06.57.22

Those decisions had been just that. The TV hadn’t just switched on I had set it to that channel. There was plenty of other plates, I had chosen that one.

I wonder how many other choices I make where I pick the kids option over the adults.

I certainly had started making adult decisions before I had kids.

I think that it’s only when your older you can fully say that you have moved up into that level. I don’t think parents of younger children can make that step fully until the kids get older.

I don’t want to either. I love Ben and Hollys little Kingdom and Peppa Pig, and pretending to each imaginary cake, and build stuff with Lego or play dough or toilet roll tubes. Going to kids party and playing musical bumps. Singing songs about 50 robbers and farmer with a dog named bingo in the car.

I have to go now though. I have to put my suit on for work. So I’d best take these Hulk Pyjamas off.

2 replies to “Do you really move up a rank when you’re a Parent?

  1. I just loved this post, it made my day! It is so true, I often choose the plastic plate, and I love Ben and Holly’s and Peppa Pig, we even named our puppy Holly! Thanks for linking with mummy & us! Come back this week, linky will be up tomorrow


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