Virtual Trainers

I can’t afford in time and money to go to the gym. I certainly can’t afford to have personal trainer. So what I have like most people, is a selection of fitness videos and podcasts. Therefore I have a number of “virtual” trainers. People in my life who regularly inspire and motivate me. but of whom I have never even met.

Here are the list of people who I have connected with over the years in the form of fitness videos and podcasts, the people who have made me as fit as I am today.


1 Shaun T – Insanity

Yes, this is the man who started it off. From a recommendation I got bought the Insanity workout. My friend was doing it at the time. After a couple of months of procrastinating I finally took the plunge and stood the course.

The first Insanity is a 60 day programme with the first months workouts at 45 minutes a day and the last months workout over 1 hour.

It is worth it.

Shaun T is an excellent instructor, he has so much energy, and he motivates you with a sincerity and humour like no other.

I have stuck with the first programme and I have converted it to a computer file so I can put it on my iPhone. I use it as part of my weekly workout still.

Shaun T has produced other workouts since so find the one that works for you. You can find a full range of workouts at


2 Laura – Couch to 5k

Even after completing Insanity I still couldn’t run. My friend came with me (he is an excellent motivator) and I still had to rest part way. But when I started to run on my own I struggled.

Luckily I didn’t have too. Because I met Laura.

Laura is the voice to a series of podcasts run by the NHS called Couch to 5k.

The programme itself is brilliant but it is made better with Laura’s expert encouragement and tips along the way.

In fact now that I have completed the podcasts I do miss that extra encouragement Laura offered.

I did the programme, and now I’m running 10k’s and marathons.

You can find the podcasts at –


3 Tony Horton – P90X

After the success of Insanity I was on fitness rush eager to consume new workouts. Advertised within Insanity is P90X. Now It is on my phone next to Insanity and again I take what I need from it when I plan my weekly workouts.

Tony Horton is one of the funniest trainers I have seen, he is quirky and humourous and very motivational.

The only problem lies with the programme itself. Unlike Insanity, (which you can pick up and do anywhere) there is a lot of equipment needed to perform some of the workouts. Also, some of them are over an hour and half long.

Like Shaun T, Tony Horton has produced more recent workouts that are shorter so don’t let that put you off. The P90x workouts work for me just great. I like the way they have a Kendo specific and Yoga specific workout. I use these regularly. And the weight training is brilliant.

Again check out for more from Tony.


4 Adrienne – Yoga with Adrienne

Tony Horton got me into Yoga. Adrienne made me love it. Yoga with Adrienne is a series on YouTube. She runs 10 minute to 30+ minute yoga sessions. If you are a beginner or expert yogi she is worth tuning into.

Again I use my phone to watch the workouts so they are very accessible and you can find an episode for whatever your using for weight loss, running, or just if you’re in a bad mood.

Find Adrienne on YouTube


5 Jeremy – The Hockey Movement

Another YouTube channel, and this one really is a Hockey specific trainer. The channel boasts a lot advice on getting your techniques right through all aspects of the game. Jeremy clearly plays and loves playing the sport and this comes out in the care he gives in his tutorials.

There are also review of different equipment and training tools, as well as some really inspiring hockey related videos (like the wonderful journey he takes to Lake Louise to play pond hockey).

If all that wasn’t enough there are also some links to other excellent YouTube channels like the fantastic Jeremy Weiss (no relation).
Find Jeremy from the Hockey Movement at

So there are my current 5 virtual trainers. I have never met any of these people in person but I see them every week at some point without fail. They have shaped my fitness into what it is today, and am thankful for their support and motivation.

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