Lessons about being a Man

Lessons about being a man…

Ha ha. Not from me. I am merely a student of true manliness.

I refer you to the legendary Brett Mckay. Author of a popular blog called the Art of Manliness.

This post is partly a referral and partly a thank you.

Firstly the referral. If you have never heard of the art of manliness and you are a man go and check it out. www.artofmanliness.com.

Put simply it is a guide to all things traditionally manly. It is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of the exploration of what it means to be a man in this modern age.

Brett Mckay, the blogs author, is king among men who raised the site from scratch. He discusses everything from how to dress for a job interview, to lessons of manhood from Vikings and the virtues of Benjamin Franklin. I read an article on the sleeping patterns of Robert Reagan and then how to get in touch with my inner caveman. There is a mix bag of manhood, a wealth of manly information and ultimately something for everyone.

But really this is thank you, because at a time when I was looking for answers, looking to self improve, I found answers within this blog.

I have improved on my self reliance, on my writing, on my virtues, and on my life goals. I have learned a lot of different extra things just be reading random articles. I have learnt that to become a life learner is essential, and I have done it in the most manly way I could. Only today I have completed a life plan based on McKays methods.

Within my blog I hope to pass on some of the lessons that Brett Mckay and the Art of Manliness have taught me. But for now here are some of my favourite articles to get you started.






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