The Park or the Space?

Where we live is on a street with a park in it. It is full of children playing constantly.

Since we had a previously lived on main roads our kids had never really played out with other kids before so they relished being called for and going out in a gang. It was brilliant.
But then we had a chance, an offer to move house, and I was worried. For a good couple of years they had got used to playing out on the park, I could see them from the window so I could even keep an eye on them and have a brew. Was all that set to change.

Still we needed the bigger house, the baby wouldn’t stay in her Moses basket forever and the other two youngest where catching up the oldest. We needed space.
My other problem was that my son had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This was already a big big change. He had one of his school friends across the street, his parents were our friends so we had a good network here. Would the disruption be too much.

In fact we fretted over it so much, that at one point we had decided “No we couldn’t leave. We would sit it out. Buy bunk beds. Squeeze them in”.

Luckily, one of our friends informed us that, “You are mad” Not the first time

“The support network that you have will still be there, it will always be there, you need the room.”
So we had look at the house and the area and we were astonished at how much room there was. We took the plunge.

We needn’t have worried. With Facebook, and Twitter, and the telephone and Whatsapp, your support network is a big or as little as you make it. It can be a once a week chat or a constant feed.

The neighbours here are a lot more involved in the community here so Mrs Berg was able to find several like minded mothers from day one. The extra room was well received and the kids play right outside our window so I can see them while I’m having a brew and watching TV. And speaking of kids…

I have never seen so many.

We have always been the crazy family with too many kids. Not here. In our block of 4 houses the other three houses each have 4 children each. Thats 17 children on our block alone. Also the ratio of girls to boys has severely been altered. Meaning that my son has his own gang of lads they all know about his diabetes and they all accept him for it. He is so happy.His old friends still visit too.

We are just a gorgeous 10 Min walk from one of our favourite hangouts, I have wrote about it before, and as for the park that I missed, well I heard they are building one on our street before the end of the year.

Until next time


Reflections From Me

One reply to “The Park or the Space?

  1. Oh that is so great that you took the plunge. We did the big move to the bigger house 4 years ago, but found it has not been the right decision for us, we are now moving again and this time to a community where we already have great friendships. Plus the kids school is 3 minutes away instead of 30 yay! I can’t wait, but I have to wait for it to be built yet! Great post so glad it has been a success for your family and especially for your little boy. Thanks for linking up #mummyandus


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