Too much Social life

Where has the time gone. I write this from my work computer, a brief moment of solitude. I am hazy and tired. Not from work as such, or from the kids. No workout has got me sweating like this. No mind mind hurts from a constant stream of social media.

2015-08-28 15.05.22

It starts off so innocently. I have my own Twitter account. Then my own Instagram account. No problem. Add add add, follow, like etc. Then… well social media can be used to promote my business. So a Twitter account and Instagram for Millbrooke Estate Agency is born.

But then I start a blog, and that’s when things start getting a bit crazy. First off blogging is a hobby of mine, at the moment. I would love it to be more but we will see. But when you start something to get immersed into the world. I love blogging. It really has opened up my world to something new, I have met a steady stream of new friends and I love to read other peoples blogs and vlogs as well as writing my own. However in order to promote my blog and stay in contact with these people I have had to open up firstly a Twitter account, then an Instagram account. I heard a Google plus account was essential. Phew.

Then there was a Facebook page, I wasn’t even on Facebook. I had to create my own profile.

So now I have an Instagram, Twitter, Google plus profile, Google Plus page, and Facebook page for both my business and my blog. This is as well as my own accounts.

And that’s not to mention managing each account. Following, liking, commenting.

I read a blog about what it truly means to be a blogger and all of them state it is only 10% writing. The rest is interaction with your followers. Don’t I know it.

So this month before I wrote another post I wanted to make sure that each of these pages was ready to receive my posts. You guys know, you’ve done it yourself.

Needless to say my first month of setting up and controlling all these  social media  accounts at once has left my brain feeling rather wrung out and left on the line. Certainly not very sociable, sat in a hot office hunched over my computer muttering about plus1’s.

I know that it is worth it and a necessity for my business and blog to succeed. Now that I am all set up now I’m excited to be part of all the networks at once and I look forward to seeing my network expand.

And just wait until I get a youtube channel… … …

So follow me tweet me plus me and like me. I look forward to meeting you however you get in touch.

Thanks for visiting my Place


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