Week 11 – Goodbyes and the Varx Select

When I first started back at hockey 3 years ago I was unsure about how much my skill level would have diminished over the years I was away. I joined the Varx in the hope of joining in to improve and build my fitness. I was very unsure of myself. But I remember the turning point at the time was when a long time respected Varx player said one simple sentence “…you come on my line with me”. It meant he thought that I was good enough to play as his defence man above all others.

This player and his wife have both played for the Varx for a long time. Since that day they have continued to coach and guide me. When I joined the Falcons he was there to encourage me, he is the one who constantly puts himself against me in scrimmage so that I have someone to battle against and work up to.
Now his wife has a job opportunity over in Texas and will soon be moving over there. They will be sadly missed. 
I have only known them for about 3 years though. They have been part of the hockey community for over 12. So this week as a final tribute they have gathered together a team to play against the new Varx players. All the money will go to charity.
The Varx select team is a team of players that they have played with over the years who have become part of their friends and hockey family over the years. 
For me it means I get to play hockey where practically every person on the ice is a friend. It was a wonderful experience.
Also because the select team was made up of a lot of the Falcons players it was a good pace to play up to and prove how much I have learned.
Varx played the Falcons in a friendly the year previously and honestly I was out matched and left standing easier than I’d like to admit. This time was a different story.
The first 20 minutes we actually matched their pace and I’m very sure they were unexpectedly on the back foot. We even scored the first goal.
Really these guys were the select team and not the Falcons but the pride we felt after that first period was immense. 
Sadly as the game went on, stamina and pace finally overtook us and despite no one actually keeping score, there was a fair gap between the points. 
But we regard the two teams as brothers so we were all proud of each other, and we were sad when it ended. I had personally had a brilliant game not letting people through and really getting stuck in. I have shown my worth in that match. 
It was a brilliant match that we enjoyed. In the end it was to see too people off who we all had come to respect over the years and whom we will be sad to see go. 


Our Month – January 

This month we have caught the third evolution of all the starter Pokemon, we went to the beach. We had a brilliant New Years days and started very festive. Fun walks and beach walks. Family have came round, from cousins to grandparents. I launched the Hockey Journal and Sawyer began his hockey Journey. Despite a lot of fun we are glad to see the back of January because we have been ill throughout it especially Sawyer who has been in hospital because of high Blood Sugars. Looking forward for the month of Love though, see what trouble we can get into.


2 Year Anniversary

It has officially been 2 years since i set this blog up.

That’s 2 years since I made an active decision to change my life for the better.

Despite feeling overwhelmed with the recent changes I have made, thinking about where I was when I first started 2 years ago I realise ow far I have come.

It is nice to sit and reflect.

In these years I have achieved the following:

Completed 3 Beachbody workouts

Ran in the Great North Run

Ran in several 10k races

Came back to playing Ice Hockey and got on the team

Played 2 seasons for the team

Changed my career for my Diabetic son

Raised over £1000 for various charities

I was Father Christmas for the local rotary club

Began journaling and planning

Published over 40 blog posts

Set up a Youtube channel

Changed the way I parent for the better, spending more and more time with my children and developing them in new ever more inventive ways

Looking back these are just from the goals that I set 2 years ago. In truth, proudly, these are just the basic achievements and with each of them there are more accomplishments that are born from there completion.

I am glad I started this blog and I will continue to develop it and myself throughout the years.

Happy Birthday Bergs Place. Lets start year 3.



Lessons of the Fallen Hero

I relate myself to a superhero all the time in my head. Ha ha. This sounds really arrogant now that I say it out loud, but really the tales in the worlds of Marvel and DC must strongly resonate real life so that they remain relevant and relatable.
But what about when the hero falls?

I watch a lot of Superhero films and TV shows, and I have drawn a distinctive parralel between the two worlds.
I have noticed that these days the superhero rarely works alone. In the new TV series like The Flash and Arrow, they have a team working behind the scenes, guiding them to crimes, keeping the tech and suits working, problem solving. 
Our real life adventures are the same. We have a support group that we go to for the day to day running of our lives, the ones who help us in our missions, who keep our secret identity from the rest of the world. 
They are also the people who are there when we are defeated, and every superhero is defeated from time to time. 
In my case I was on top of my game, my blog was coming on great, work was good, my family life was brilliant. I was working out regularly and even Mrs Bergs mum was relocating from the Isle of Man to live round the corner.
But as that added a new spot to our roster one of our other team members dropped out. 
Sadly my Nana, our beloved Nana Jean passed away. It shook us all. Suddenly I felt unmotivated, to work, to write, to work out, to be positive. I just had a sinking feeling of helplessness. 
I didn’t want to do anything, and the longer it went on the harder it felt like I couldn’t go back. 
As a family we have never felt so overwhelmed. Defeated is exactly the right word. Neither Mrs Berg or I could get our spirit back, against a stack of housework, against a never ending schedule of appointments and lessons, we were useless. Even when our grief had lessened we had an enemy of a backlog to get through.
With the heroes down it was time for our team to step in and help us up. Like Dr Snow and Sisco on the Flash, or Felicity and Digg on Arrow our team came in to inject us with confidence once more. For Mrs Berg it was her Mum and partner, that stepped in. Where Nana Jean had been an expert in household chores and gardening, Mrs Bergs Mum filled her spot and soon helped us recover our home from the backlog and provide support to my wife and myself.
For me it was my parents who helped me. I work with my mum and feel very lucky for doing so. As I get older I realise how important it is to spend time with your parents and it is a privilege to be supported everyday. She saw my decline, despite being upset herself and intervened accordingly, taking over my workload at work, building my lost confidence back up. She really is brilliant and am so thankful for her help. Despite always knowing the support I have, in true dramatic form my confidence was restored when my mum climatically said “you have us to watch your back”. The line was straight out of a Flash episode and with that I boldly, slowly rose, hurt but focused, dusted my shoulder, and walked slowly out to defeat my enemy.

Both me and Mrs Berg hold the stubborn opinion that we can firmly do it ourselves. But like with every experience we have learned something. That you can’t always do it alone, and nor should you have to. Humbled by our experience we now receive help from our family and friends who support us and make up our superhero support team.

Too much Social life

Where has the time gone. I write this from my work computer, a brief moment of solitude. I am hazy and tired. Not from work as such, or from the kids. No workout has got me sweating like this. No mind mind hurts from a constant stream of social media.

2015-08-28 15.05.22

It starts off so innocently. I have my own Twitter account. Then my own Instagram account. No problem. Add add add, follow, like etc. Then… well social media can be used to promote my business. So a Twitter account and Instagram for Millbrooke Estate Agency is born.

But then I start a blog, and that’s when things start getting a bit crazy. First off blogging is a hobby of mine, at the moment. I would love it to be more but we will see. But when you start something to get immersed into the world. I love blogging. It really has opened up my world to something new, I have met a steady stream of new friends and I love to read other peoples blogs and vlogs as well as writing my own. However in order to promote my blog and stay in contact with these people I have had to open up firstly a Twitter account, then an Instagram account. I heard a Google plus account was essential. Phew.

Then there was a Facebook page, I wasn’t even on Facebook. I had to create my own profile.

So now I have an Instagram, Twitter, Google plus profile, Google Plus page, and Facebook page for both my business and my blog. This is as well as my own accounts.

And that’s not to mention managing each account. Following, liking, commenting.

I read a blog about what it truly means to be a blogger and all of them state it is only 10% writing. The rest is interaction with your followers. Don’t I know it.

So this month before I wrote another post I wanted to make sure that each of these pages was ready to receive my posts. You guys know, you’ve done it yourself.

Needless to say my first month of setting up and controlling all these  social media  accounts at once has left my brain feeling rather wrung out and left on the line. Certainly not very sociable, sat in a hot office hunched over my computer muttering about plus1’s.

I know that it is worth it and a necessity for my business and blog to succeed. Now that I am all set up now I’m excited to be part of all the networks at once and I look forward to seeing my network expand.

And just wait until I get a youtube channel… … …

So follow me tweet me plus me and like me. I look forward to meeting you however you get in touch.

Thanks for visiting my Place