Trouble Parking

Like a lot of parents I have found something out that is firmly on the what they dont tell you list. When you children go to school you will begin
a 6 year long nightmare of where to park.

This is a daily struggle as each and every parent with a drivers license negoitiates the small block around our school. To up the ante this is usually a time
when we are all, running late for work, haven’t had our breakfast yet, haven’t had our coffee yet, or generally haven’t even woke up yet.

To make matters worse in our school there is a narrow road which although is a two way road, can only fit one line of traffic at a time. A row of cars
lines one side. Infuriatingly the resisdents of this road have some vendetta against cars and children and as such have complained so much about both that a
the entrance to the school is littered with white lines and ‘don’t park here notices’. If you park in they come out and confront you, which nobody wants
at that time of day. So as you avoid this places the spaces become more and more limited. The whole episode of getting to the school gates should have appeared as a challenge on
the krypton factor.


On a Monday and Wednesday I also have to get the three youngest into nursery so I really don’t have time to park further away and walk it.

My oldest daughter has begun to get a complex about getting to school early, she really does get genuinely stressed about it. I wonder if it is the stress of parking that is effecting her.

And. And. You have to do it at hometime too.

A ha though for my latest tactic is proving fruitful.

Firstly I have spot at the end thats close enough but not in the main warzone. There is not a lot I can do about where I park at this stage because as you’ve heard its a nightmare.
So, I park up I get the kids in. Then I begin to look for one of the Dads. He is a Builder and is thus up early as part of his job and he gets the best spaces, Also he has a huge van. I massive
work van. So I get behind him and match my pace so we get into our cars at the same time. As he drives off I move my car into his space and hey presto I then leave my car there all day and walk to work 5 minutes away.

That way I have a reasonable space for hometime and dont have to run the gauntlet a second time. As a bonus I know that my car is safe as it is being watched by the eagle eyed residents of the street.

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