2 Year Anniversary

It has officially been 2 years since i set this blog up.

That’s 2 years since I made an active decision to change my life for the better.

Despite feeling overwhelmed with the recent changes I have made, thinking about where I was when I first started 2 years ago I realise ow far I have come.

It is nice to sit and reflect.

In these years I have achieved the following:

Completed 3 Beachbody workouts

Ran in the Great North Run

Ran in several 10k races

Came back to playing Ice Hockey and got on the team

Played 2 seasons for the team

Changed my career for my Diabetic son

Raised over £1000 for various charities

I was Father Christmas for the local rotary club

Began journaling and planning

Published over 40 blog posts

Set up a Youtube channel

Changed the way I parent for the better, spending more and more time with my children and developing them in new ever more inventive ways

Looking back these are just from the goals that I set 2 years ago. In truth, proudly, these are just the basic achievements and with each of them there are more accomplishments that are born from there completion.

I am glad I started this blog and I will continue to develop it and myself throughout the years.

Happy Birthday Bergs Place. Lets start year 3.



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