Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.
My kids love Halloween. They love to dress up they love to Trick or Treat and they love piles of sweets.

There is always a party or two somewhere as well with unique games. At Halloween the games are different, bobbing for apples, wrap someone up as a mummy using toilet roll, what’s in the box. Halloween seems to have its own rule set. 
They enjoy the Autumn craft side that is unique to Halloween also. Pumpkin carving is a wonderful family tradition that we uphold, and carving is skill worth honing. Every year we compare our efforts with our local community and friends and family. Everyone try’s to be unique. There are some really artistic ones but I find it great fun looking at them all. I even bought pumpkin carving tools this year so I’m all set for serious attempt.
In what has become a tradition we are going round to my mums house. Her and my Dad decorate and host there house and me, my wife and kids visit and walk round the estate, reap in the candy and return to show our spoils and feast a Halloween feast of stew, cakes and unclaimed candy. 
I find there are two Halloween types, the people who go all out to dress up and walk round, building outfits and absurd props. And those who transform there houses completely to resemble a haunted mansion capable of scaring even the rebellious gang of teen lads who arm themselves with eggs.
When done well both can harvest spectacular results. In our family we are lucky to have both, we are the walkers and my parents are the mansion makers. This pairing means the kids get the best of both worlds each Halloween.
Halloween is in our top three holidays and we are certain to enjoy ourselves tonight. Stay safe and have a spooky night everyone.

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