The Road So Far…

“Ever since I knew how to skate I loved Hockey.” – Happy Gilmore.

The Road So Far…

When I was 16 I watched my first ever Ice Hockey match. It was the first season of the Manchester Storm. Players like Dale Jago, Hilton Ruggles and Nick Crawley paved way for a love that would last a lifetime. 

After that first match I knew I wanted to play hockey but I had didn’t know how. I needed a team. So I created one. 
In March 1996 Walkden Cobras Roller Hockey Team was created.
For 20 years, I have played, coached, and managed Roller and Ice Hockey.
I have played in Canada, in a series of holidays 2000 to 2003. I played Pond Hockey and even scored on Canadian Ice.
I played Ice Hockey for the Blackburn Falcons.

Then I stopped.

I took a break, built a family, and I couldn’t commit to the time I needed to in the rink. But the love of the game never left me. Unfortunately I grew fat and unfit. It’s worth pointing out that during all this I have a brother who also loves the game, and when I stopped he continued, it goes without saying that now there is a significant difference in skill level and he plays for the higher skill recreational league.

2 years ago I returned. Playing for a non checking team the Altringham Aardvarx, each week striving to get better and improve my game. 
The Falcons play in the same league as my brothers team and this year I have finally been able to train on their sessions.
This year I invite you along as I track my progress week by week. Follow my hockey journey as share my love for the game and explore new ways to move up in the Beer League, striving to improve my game. 

This is my Hockey Journal.

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