Remember your Curve

Feeling a little sluggish after the holidays? Too much to eat over Christmas? Feeling overwhelmed or that you have gone off course after the break? Me too. 

This December I have felt the burn. No hockey for 2 weeks, no running, no writing, kids have run riot, too much food and too much booze. Come January I feel exhausted and under prepared for 2017. 
It was enough to get me doubting myself.
But then I remembered my first lesson of the new year. Think of how far you have come. 
Where am I on my curve, from where I was, to where I want to be. 
Looking back to who I was when I first started to decisively change my life for the better I’m a lot further towards my goal than away from it. 

I don’t smoke now (that was a big one). I can run 5k at leisure, I have a blog that I write for, I look after my 5 children as a part time stay at home Dad, commanding control over the housework. And my hockey game is improving all the time on a team I love. 
Stresses, blips in diet and exercise, backwards steps that occur, whilst not commended should certainly not be punished and must be addressed with a certain perspective.
In a time of fresh starts and new goals, it is important to recognise how far our journey has brought us. 
Now give yourself a break, remember your curve and take your steps forward positively and proudly.
Happy New Year. Let’s make this a good one.

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