Bergs Place Continues…

There has been a sad change for my life recently. One that I didn’t want to talk about. One that I can’t express fully yet. But one that I must at least mention in order to move forward.
Me and Mrs Berg have split up.

The sad details around this may never be revealed on here fully however I feel there will be a definite change as the path the blog will take a new path and now be of that from a single dads perspective.

Ultimately, I have been been away too long and sad for too long so I won’t dwell. 

Instead I will raise a glass for one one of the most influential women my life has had, and mourn the end of a truly fantastic 14 years. 

My next glass is a toast to the future as I move forward with new challenges, a new journey and a fresh start.

3 replies to “Bergs Place Continues…

  1. This new story will be a different one to the one you had planned.

    But as you write it, it will be exciting, adventurous and technicolor. Discovering the unexpected twists, the breath-taking turns, the awesome chapters will remind you that the best stories are the ones which keep you guessing!

    Mrs Berg will be playing a different role. But then, so will all the other characters in your new story. Enjoy!

    I can’t wait to read it.

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