A brief day in the sun

It was so warm today that my hockey kit from last night aired and dried outside within a matter of hours. Naturally Mrs Berg took full the advantage of this by getting to home base as quickly as possible for some well needed potting plants. With help from our little helpers we were able to strip away the rough grass and weeds from a long winter and plant some fresh flowers in there place. 
Everyone chipped in, with planting in new pots, weeding and digging there was lots to do. It was nice for everyone to pull together and do something as a collective. After an Easter holiday filled with more snow than Easter eggs it was nice to get out in the fresh air for a change. 

Once the hard work had been done I made a filling meatballs with tomato linguine for the kids. This went down really well. I made it from scratch courtesy of Hello Fresh. We have started using Hello Fresh and I will be reviewing them another time but for now let me tell you that I made a fresh awesome linguine from scratch. 

The day was such a success and the garden was so well presented that, that evening, once the kids were in bed, I fired up the chimnea and make chicken tray bake (Hello Fresh again). We enjoyed a lovely alfresco meal followed by a study session outside next to the fire. I write this as the embers fade and the evening closes. But since it’s back to ironed uniforms and school runs I think I’ll throw another log on the fire.



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