What do you want to do with your life?

This was the big question my 5 and 7 year old asked me today. It was interesting because my answer wasn’t to do with money or possessions. It was about happiness. 

I reached a point a year or so ago when I realised I wanted to change my life for the better. One of the things I found in the many blog articles I read was that we should all persue what makes us happy, and the mental state known as the flow. Through the ups and downs, especially the downs it’s easy to forget how far we have progressed in our own goals.

My answer was I have always wanted to write, and play hockey. My 7 year old then asked “why don’t you write then” (they see me play hockey each week). Proudly I was able to say, “I do”.

This was a highlight I haven’t thought of for a while. Despite some percieved failings dominating my thoughts at the moment. Worries about bills and schedules and making it all work have made me forget that I have been sucessful in the places that truly matter, my own goals.

It is easy to hear discouragement from others and believe it. It is easy to get absorbed in the day to day stresses of our lives, that prioritise themselves and drain your energy and time and money. You need to be clear about your own goals and review them regularly. Pat yourself on back for your achievements and remember when you fail to pay a gas bill that it is only a gas bill and you are on a greater path, despite how (insert gas company here) makes you feel. 

Incidentally my 5 year old wanted to be a mum or a nurse. Both noble pursuits. I told her she could be both, like her mum is. My 7 year old wanted to be a Dad (another proud moment highlighting my own success) and a Ghostbuster, proving that imagination is still a powerful thing. I didn’t discourage him from being a Ghostbuster, I told him to reach for his dream and one day he will reach his goal.

5 replies to “What do you want to do with your life?

      1. Yes, when I was at their age the only questions I had were ‘Where is my Barbie?’ and ‘What will you give me for my birthday?’ πŸ™‚


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